Pampers Swaddlers Size 7, 88 Count


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Disposable Baby Diapers, (Packaging May Vary)


About this item

  • Trusted protection, Pampers is the 1 U.S. Pediatrician Recommended Brand
  • LockAway Channels absorb wetness and lock it away
  • Breathefree Liner helps soothe and protect baby’s skin
  • Soft flexi-sides for comfortable fit
  • Gentle on baby’s delicate skin, Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Diapers is hypoallergenic and free of parabens and latex (Natural rubber)
  • Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Baby Diapers


My last box of Swaddlers have new designs on them. The diaper used to be white. Is this fake product?

We’re glad to hear you noticed our new designs! We’re adding unlicensed characters featuring woodland creatures as well as loving phrases. The packages will be updated to include the wording “Active Baby,” and you should also notice that they’re softer. It may help to know that when you purchase products listed as you can rest assured that you’re getting the real deal. If you have any further questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for further assistance.

How many diapers will I change a day?

In the first couple of months, you may find yourself changing diapers up to 10 times in 24 hours. Diapers should be changed whenever they are wet or soiled. Your baby will often (but not always) let you know. With a super-absorbent diaper like Pampers diapers, you can tell if it’s wet by feeling for lumps in the absorbent material. Here are some common times for changing diapers:

  • Right before or right after every feeding, & after every bowel movement
  • Before bedtime & when your baby wakes up
  • When you go out with your baby


Is there anything special I need to know about changing a diaper?

Pampers diapers are designed to adjust to your baby’s shape for a snug, comfortable fit. Keep baby products, such as powder, away from the fasteners so they maintain their stickiness. Place tabs parallel to the waistband and centered on the character strip. Use the characters as guides to ensure that the fasteners are evenly spaced.

What’s the best method to weigh my baby?

The easiest way to weigh your baby is to first hop on the scale yourself. See how much you weigh, then see how much you weigh when you hold your baby. If you subtract your weight, you’ll know how much your baby weighs.

Is there any safety information I need to know about diapers?

You buy the latest toys and babies wind up playing with silly things—like diapers. It’s important to keep diapers where they should be, on your baby’s bottom. Don’t let your baby put the diaper in her mouth. Discard any diaper that has become torn or unsealed, and read the warning label on all bags.

How do diapers absorb all that moisture?

AGM is the absorbent gelling material widely used in diaper padding to absorb wetness. It is perfectly normal to see some gel on the skin from time to time, especially if the diaper is heavily saturated. It can easily be removed by wiping your baby’s skin.

This material has a long history of safe use in a variety of products and has been in diapers for more than three decades. Absorbent gelling material is closely related to materials widely used in cosmetics and in food processing.

Do unused diapers need to be stored anywhere special?

Store your diapers in an area protected from extreme heat and humidity and away from products with fragrances. We recommend the diaper be kept in a dry storage area where the temperature is 85 degrees Fahrenheit or less.

Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Baby Diapers